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Hear from our Grocery Giveaway Winners

Caroline Del Col

Our 2022 Grocery Giveaway is complete and we’re thrilled to have been able to bonus 175 Merryfielders with $100 in points! Hear from some of our latest Grocery Giveaway winners!

JOCELYN S. I love the ease of saving when shopping for my favorite brands. Synching my grocery stores is so simple and I’m so surprised at how accurate scanning my receipt is! So simple. I will use my points for Athleta or Whole Foods. I’m a personal trainer and health coach so these savings are such a help and bonus. I’m really happy I stumbled across Merryfield.  My favorite brands support my health and now being able to earn rewards is even better. I’m grateful and excited to save, earn and shop.

MICHELLE N. Being a busy mom of three, I will sometimes take the random and unexpected time slots to run into a grocery story. I don't always have the time to clip coupons beforehand.  I like that I can scan the receipt after the trip while the kids settle into the car. My favorite brands on the app are Pete and Gerry's and Nellie's eggs, Dave's Killer Bread, Rao’s Homemade, Applegate, Primal Kitchen, Bob's Red Mill, Stonyfield, The Honest Company and Earthbound Farm Organics. With my points, I'm getting rewarded with Starbucks to make healthy choices for my family. 

MICH V. Thanks so much for the email and the prize. I’m super excited as I rarely win anything! I use the app to earn a little money back for gifts and a treat for myself.  I also love to try new products and this helps me find great new brands. Country Archer and Suja are my favorite as I buy them most often but I have discovered new favorites as well.

KATHERINE V. Thank you for the points. It was an awesome, unexpected surprise! I do not recall how I discovered the app, but assume it was advertised somewhere within the food allergy community. My 3 year old is allergic to peanuts, cashews, pistachios, and sesame so a lot of the brands you have on your app are safe for us. I do know that I was reintroduced when an Instagram influencer Just Ingredients reviewed you. I like using the app for free rewards for already purchasing brands that are safe for my family. Also, super easy to use. My favorite brands on the app are Dave's Killer Bread, Applegate and Califia Farms.

HEATHER B. I am SO honored to be awarded $100 in the grocery giveaway! I LOVE using the app because I have a lot of allergies/intolerances, and it makes buying food expensive. I consider myself to be pretty conscious of the products I buy, and it’s rewarding to know I’m partnering with other companies who are trying to improve the quality of foods we eat, the lives we live, and the way we treat our planet. It’s like a fun scavenger hunt! And it helps my money stretch a little further. I plan on using my points toward either Amazon or Whole Foods. I have to buy a lot of specialty food products. I’d also like to bless some other people a bit.

COURTNEY C. I love the idea of being rewarded for shopping for responsible, healthy brands. Many of my favorite brands are on there, including Good Culture (we go through 4-5 of those containers most weeks), Primal Kitchen for how they make sugar-free versions of everything that still taste delicious, Justin’s nut butters, Applegate (because let’s be real - sometimes the kids want chicken nuggets…), Bob’s Red Mill, Dave’s Killer Bread...I was already buying them, so the rewards are bonus! I also love that the app has introduced me to new brands that I may have seen on the grocery shelves, but hadn’t picked up before. Harmless Harvest is a perfect example! As for which gift cards I will redeem my points for? This is hard! There are so many great choices. I am going to keep it for something 100% mine…so either Nordstrom, Sephora, or maybe Apple, since I’ve been debating replacing my Apple Watch with the newest! I try to base every meal around plants + good protein and fats.  But I also have a quickly growing teenager, so choosing high-quality foods that fuel his growing body, but are still delicious to him, is how we prep most of our meals here! Here are some examples:

LILY V. I like to use the app because it lets me earn points for brands I already use and love. Especially because it links my major retailers and keeps me as a busy mom from having to shuffle through receipts. Some of my favorite brands are Kerrygold, Hu, Bob’s Red Mill, and Crofter’s Organic! 

SHAMEKA M. Being a new mom of twins, I'm always looking for ways to save money but also provide the best nutrition for myself and my family. I love that Merryfield partners with the brands we already consume regularly. Plus, it's fun to see how many points we can earn each grocery trip. My favorite brands on the app are Uncle Matt's Organic, Bob's Red Mill, Just Egg, Rao's Homemade, Daiya, Dave's Killer Bread and Health-Ade. I will be using the point toward a gift card for groceries (did I mention that I have twins?)! Here is a photo of my "mom-mosa" (non-alcoholic mimosa) using Uncle Matt's orange juice. Thanks for making this app!

Two phones side by side demoing the Merryfield app

Better-for-you brands.Always rewarding.

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