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We believe there should be a higher standard for everyday products.

There was a time not that long ago when “better-for-you” products and cleaner choices weren’t accessible to most people. You had to go out of your way to special stores. That’s not the case today. More and more people can now access clean label products everywhere they shop. While this change is a good (okay, great) thing, people now have far more options and choices to make when shopping for everyday products than they have time to sort them out. That got our founder David Mayer thinking: In our current “there’s an app for that” world, how come there wasn’t already an app to help people navigate this new consumer reality?

Then a mutual friend introduced David to Joe Dickson. Before becoming the Co-Founder of Merryfield, Joe led the Global Quality Standards Team at Whole Foods Market. Joe’s team set the quality standards for the products sold in their 500+ stores across the country, and Joe played a key role in developing industry-leading standards like USDA Organic and The Non-GMO Project Verified program. Joe and David agreed that people should expect a higher everyday quality standard for everyday products.

They set out to make something new, something better, something they'd like to use themselves.

They both also believed that without store-wide standards at most every grocery store, the onus is now on all of us to research and read every product label on our own. Choosing well among all these new product options has become our responsibility as shoppers. Those of us that want to know what’s in the products we buy and which brands to trust are being asked to do work in stores. It’s work that wasn’t expected of people that shopped at those special stores. Surely, they thought, there already had to be an app to help people filter their options and know which brands they can trust. Unfortunately, the only apps they saw were digital coupon apps, most of which were still mainly promoting the types of products people are increasingly trying to avoid. That felt like a missed opportunity.

So, David and Joe decided to start a company and make an app that could help people trust what they’re buying without doing hours of research and getting overwhelmed by all the information and options before them. They set out to make something new, something better, something they’d like to use themselves: An app that would reward clean label shopping. What would that look like? A few things for sure:


We’d only work with brands we’ve researched, know and trust. Brands that already subscribe to a higher everyday quality standard. An app dedicated to just the brands we want and trust without having to sort through information and offers on products and brands that aren’t aligned with our values.


Yes, we all want special offers to try new things. Absolutely. But we buy most of the same products every week. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rewarded each and every time we buy anything from any of our favorite better-for-you brands? It’s about savings, but it’s also about feeling appreciated.


The best way to make shopping for clean label products easier is to increase the number of clean label options available to people. We change the defaults. We believe there should be a higher standard for everyday products. By consistently supporting those brands that subscribe to a higher standard, together we can help make clean label product options more accessible for everyone.

It shouldn't be so much work just to avoid chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients, right?

David Mayer, Founder & CEO, Merryfield.

Meet the
Merryfield team.

We’re just like you. We’re trying to make the best choices for our families and ourselves but the answers aren’t always clear — and, let’s face it, we’re all stretched for time. Sometimes just trying to decide which shampoo, yogurt, bread or sunscreen to buy feels like a full-time job. That’s why we made it our full-time job so you don’t have to.

Each member of our team is different and has varying levels of experience, priorities and values around nutrition, health and environmental impact. But we all agree that it shouldn’t require so much effort simply to avoid harmful ingredients in things we buy and use every week. If you agree, then we think you’ll fit in here at Merryfield just fine. This is Merryfield.

David Mayer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Dickson

Co-Founder and Head of Quality Standards & Policy

Melissa Studzinski


Jennie Aleckson

Co-Founder and Head of Digital Product

Caroline Del Col

Co-Founder and Editorial Director

Sandrine Mangia Park

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Ploetz

Chief Technology Officer

Cassandra Kral-Dillon

Chief Financial Officer

Kim McDevitt, MPH, R.D.

Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships and Quality Standards

Roland Atema

Creative Director

Mike Fogg

Principal Software Engineer

Michelle Arena

Member Experience Manager

Mark Simmons

Principal Software Engineer

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