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Happy Earth Day 2024

Joe Dickson

Earth Day is April 22, 2024, and we can’t let the day pass by without reflecting on why it matters so much to us.

We created Merryfield upon the belief that it should be easier to find products and brands that meet a higher standard — truly clean products that are better for you and better for the environment. Caring for the earth and minimizing our environmental impact is woven into everything we do, and as we’ve built our collective of purpose-driven brands, we’ve chosen brands that share our mission of making clean products available to everyone.

Earth Day began in 1970, and it was kicked off with 20 million Americans — or about 10% of the total population of the United States at the time — taking to the streets, parks and cities to demonstrate against the impacts of 150 years of industrial development, which had left a growing legacy of serious human health impacts.

Those impacts are even more severe today — which is why Merryfield makes sure to practice commitment to the environment with clean label standards for beauty and household products: We look carefully at the safety and environmental impact of each ingredient in creating our banned ingredients list. Ingredients that are known to harm wildlife and persist in the environment, like phosphates, chlorine and chemical sunscreens, aren’t allowed in any products from Merryfield member brands.

We also believe deeply in the environmental benefits of organic farming, which prohibits toxic and persistent agricultural chemicals, and we work to highlight the benefits of organic products. We support USDA Organic as the gold standard for clean label. USDA Organic standards prohibit the use of toxic pesticides that persist in the environment and synthetic fertilizers that harm waterways. Organic farmers use techniques like crop rotation, cover cropping and the use of manure and compost to build healthy soil, which helps store carbon dioxide and grow more nutritious food. (Learn more about the benefits of organic from our friends at The Organic Center.)

We also support Non-GMO efforts and we have many Non-GMO Project Verified options on Merryfield. Most GMO crops grown in the US are herbicide tolerant — this means that they’re bioengineered to withstand massive applications of herbicides like glyphosate. These herbicides are bad for the environment, especially birds and beneficial insects, and the health of farm workers. The Non-GMO Project standards prohibit the intentional use of ingredients from GMO crops.

Finally, we reinforce recyclability and we understand that packaging matters. We’re actively highlighting brands that use both recycled and recyclable packaging and take an active role in making it easy for shoppers to recycle or reuse packaging. Haven's Kitchen, Once Upon a Farm and Hand in Hand are just a few of the brands on our app with sustainability built into their mission.

Get to know our member brands and their incredible stories in the app, and join us in honoring Earth Day 2024. Thank you for being part of Merryfield.

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